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This story is about a boy called August. Auggie has never been to proper school before he has only been home schooled by his mother. This is because he is different to other boys. His face is different. As much as his family love him, his sister Via can’t get her mind off the fact that everything they do revolves around Auggie; for once she just wants someone to notice her. But good for her – she finally gets her big break…

Through the book you’ll hopefully understand Auggie more and get to know that he’s a great person and it doesn’t matter what you’re like on the outside as long as you’re good on the inside. It’s sad to say that Auggie gets severely bullied and is even told to kill himself. It’s a great book with a great message and I would definitely recommend that you read it.

5/5 stars

A book review by Matilda Kemp- Co-Director.

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  1. Miss Brennan says:

    I really enjoyed this story because you get to hear it from different perspectives. First we hear from the protagonist August and then hear these same events again but from different points of view. It is really interesting to see how events affect people differently – there really are two sides to every story!

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    I loved this book so much as it was celebrating how Auggie is different from every body else and isn’t making fun of his differences. And i really liked how nearly every person had a different personality!

  4. Raphie B-W says:

    I loved this book because it celebrates Auggie’s differences and isn’t making fun of them. I also enjoyed how nearly every person had a different personality

    1. Miss B says:

      I agree! This is a very relevant read for KS2 at the moment, particularly with the e-book we are currently creating celebrating difference and diversity. Miss Brennan 🙂

    2. Sayuri Lister says:

      I absolutely loved reading this book! Although a piece of advice is to make sure you d͟o͟ n͟o͟t͟ watch the film before you read because it just ruines the picture. When i did watch the film 5minutes in my parents started crying. I really recommend reading this if you are looking for a sentimental book!

  5. Sayuri Lister says:

    This book is amazing to read! I do really recommend! Just don’t go watching the film before reading this book. 5minutes in and parents are crying! This website is fab!

  6. Amelie says:

    This is a great book because it actually shows that nobody is different to somebody else. I would definitely recommend it!

  7. Aisha Alam 6NS says:

    OMG!! I love this book as you get to see the story from everyone’s point of view and it is just so good!!! But….. it’s really sad an emotional, and the film ways makes me cry!! It is on Netflix if you want to watch it!!! 😭

  8. Aurora says:

    I love this book because it is from different points of view

  9. Anonymous says:

    It is an outstanding book makes me want to live in the Harry Potter world !!! Yay for J.K Rowling !!! >O<

  10. This is one of my favorite books because it is such a fun read. If you need a new book I would recommend Auggie and me a sequel to wonder.

  11. Amy Gillham says:

    The characters seem very life-like basing off them with real people but expanding details. We don’t don’t just follow a single protagonist but it shifts throughout creating more information surrounding the emotions and views on August. The events seem realistic as well instead of being fabricated and unique interactions happen. I would recommend this book to people as no genuine audience is needed to read it. There is a film as well that i would also recommend.

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