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The World’s Worst Children

All the worst in the world in one place. What a great book full of laughs and smiles…There is lots of different characters like Dribbling Drew and lots of others.

My favorites chapter is Peter Picker because it is so funny. You will regret picking your noses for EVER!But when this chapter comes to the end it is a deserter all the house are sticky. But what makes them sticky?

In all of the chapters have a disaster because it is funny and they do a lot of silly things. Every chapter there is a different character doing silly acts.

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  1. very nice and very imaginative i leave five star review please get you will be so into it

  2. Roope Obhi says:

    5 stars… amazingly funny

  3. Ruby cannon says:

    i am reading this now it is so good!

  4. Gabriella says:

    This is a great book because it has just the right amount of pictures and writing, It is also really funny.

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