Five Star Reads For All Middle Grade (KS2)

The House with Chicken Legs

Marinka dreams of a normal life, where her house stays in one place long enough for her to make friends. But her house has chicken legs and moves on without warning.

For Marinka’s grandmother is Baba Yaga, who guides spirits between this world and the next. Marinka longs to change her destiny and sets out to break free from her grandmother’s footsteps, but her house has other ideas…

This book is amazing and for everyone. The story takes you on a magical journey with a young girl who wants to be like everyone else, normal. Along the way you learn big secrets that with honestly surprise you so much. There are some sad parts but just keep reading, it gets happier.

Despite the targeted age of 8-12, it’s suitable for everyone, even Year 8s.

Rating: 5/5

By Hannah Dyson 8HS

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is a great book


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