Five Star Reads Young Adult (KS3)

The boy in the Striped Pyjamas

This is a heart breaking story of a little boy who just wants to explore.

Young Bruno is moved from his home in Berlin and is moved to an empty and boring house in the middle of nowhere. Everyday tens of soldiers march in and out of the house to talk to his father who ‘the fury have big plans for’.

Little Bruno gets very bored one day and decides to venture out into the unknown by the big grand fence. he finds a sot, that becomes a blob, that becomes a splodge, that becomes a figure, that becomes another little boy probably similar to himself in age.

Bruno decides to talk to him, see if they can make friends. He then discovers that they have the same birthday! From then on Bruno goes to visit him every day they become best of friends.

Bruno is told that he is to leave out-with and go back home, a few months after the death of his grandma. On his final day Shmuel, the other little boy, invites him under the fence. Bruno sneaks in with a pair of striped pyjamas. Then the two boys get in the middle of a march…

A book review by Matilda Kemp

5/5 stars really sad would definitely recommend for older children.

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  1. Miss B says:

    This book is so well written but so sad! I very rarely cry when reading books but this one definitely brought tears to my eyes. Set in WW2, we discover the true horrors of Hitler’s regime through the eyes of Bruno who, in his innocence, realises too late just how evil Hitler was. Make sure you read the book first before watching the film. The book is ALWAYS better.

  2. Lara K says:

    I loved this book even at the sad parts. I agree with Miss Brennan the book is always better!

  3. This story is the most honest yet moving narrative based on the Holocaust. I recall the original publication had no blurb and this made the book all the more exciting. Bruno’s innocent understanding of the events of WW2 is incredibly moving. The language is really easy to read. The book is simple yet effective.

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