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The ABC Murders

Book review by Miss Mowat

The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie

Those of you who know me know my addiction regarding Agatha Christie. I have all of her mystery books, have read each a multiple of times and feel that she is very underrated as a writer.

The ABC Murders was published in 1936 and features Hercule Poirot, her Belgian super-sleuth. The ABC refers to the railway guide published in England that gave every train journey, how long it took and where it stopped. The story evolves around a series of murders involving people with the same surname initial as the nearest train station. Messages are sent anonymously to the Police who believe they are dealing with a serial killer. Inspector Japp enlists the help of Poirot, who in turn involves his old friend Captain Hastings.  The general public become afraid and guilt settles on a salesman who visited the victims near to the times they were murdered. In true Christie style nothing is ever simple and straightforward and we are all taken on a journey through her very twisted mind.

When you read any Agatha Christie you know that you will encounter devious twists and turns combined with excellent, easy to read, writing. I cannot reveal any more of the tale but I guarantee that you will be entertained from beginning to end

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  1. I haven’t read this book yet but I love Agatha Christie’s books so this is a next read for me.

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