Five Star Reads For All Middle Grade (KS2)

One Dollar Horse

Fifteen year old Casey Blue lives in East London’s grimmest tower block and volunteers at a local riding school, but her dream is to win the world’s greatest Three Day Event: the Badminton Horse Trials.

When she rescues a starving, half-wild horse, she’s convinced that the impossible can be made possible. But she has reckoned without the consequences of her father’s criminal record, or the distraction of a boy with melty, dark eyes, with whom she refuses to fall in love.

Casey learns the hard way that no matter how high you jump, or how fast you gallop, you can never outrun the past.

By Lauren St John

I read this entire series years ago but I recently decided to reread the first book along with the white giraffe series also by Lauren St John. It is an amazing book about sticking with your dreams no matter how many times you fall. There’s emotional parts where you cry, laugh and even at the same time. It perfectly captures what life is about and how it works.

The characters seem to come to life as you read and you feel like you’re going on this awesome journey with them. You fall in love with each and every character (well the good ones) and you can feel everything they feel.

Rating: 5/5

By Hannah Dyson 8HS

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