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Night Speakers

Three previously normal children have started to all wake up at the same time every night, 1:34 am. At first they think it’s just one day but they soon come to find each other and go on scary journeys to uncover the truth about what is really waking them up. will they find out?

I wanted to carry on reading this book because it had a very scary story line with lots of suspense and cliff hangers at the end of almost every paragraph. Some of the scenes were very weird especially when it had another person, who was anonymous, was ‘talking’ in first person. We then found out who this person was but the fact that it had a section like this at the end of nearly every paragraph summarizing what had happened in this persons point of view.

Great book, scary but very well written and the author has a great imagination and writing skill.

5/5 stars

A book review by Matilda Kemp

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