Five Star Reads For All Middle Grade (KS2)

Looking Glass Girl

Alice nearly didn’t go to the sleepover. Why would Savvy, queen of the school, invite someone like her?

Now Alice is lying unconscious in a hospital bed.

Lost in a wonderland of dreams and half-formed memories, she’s surrounded by voices – the doctor, her worried friends and Luke, whose kisses the night of the fall took her by surprise . . .

When the accident happened her world vanished – can Alice ever find her way back?

By Cathy Cassidy

I recently reread this and remembered how magical this book is. It’s a beautiful story filled with emotion and love. You learn the true value of friendship. It’s now my second favourite Cathy Cassidy book after the Broken Heart Club.

With everything that’s happening at the moment, this is a great book to lose yourself in.


By Hannah Dyson 8HS

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