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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets(book two)

Harry probably just had the worst summer ever, a house elf named Dobby visited him and gave him some warnings. Dobby also made Harry’s aunt Marge float off after being blown up like a balloon. At Hogwarts there are strange sounds in the corridors and people start freezing up. Are Dobby’s predictions coming true? When Hermione is a victim of whatever this horrible curse is, Harry decides to investigate. He kills the curse and the rest of the year goes well.

I really like this book. It’s all about friendship and what other people mean to you. I think it’s interesting how Harry hears these whispers and no one else does, but then we find out why. I’m not sure if this book is for one year group or another so I’m going to leave it uncategorised.


It’s good but I just think somethings need some improvement.

A book review by Matilda Kemp.

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  1. I love this book it is so magical 🧙‍♀️ and such an amazing fantasy story

  2. Roope Obhi says:

    A magical amazing story with full with wonders and mysterys

  3. Scarlett says:

    5 stars!

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