Middle Grade (KS2)

Frozen in Time

This is an thrilling tale about two siblings who find an adventure hidden in their back garden. Eleven year old Rachel and her twelve year old brother Ben are staying with their Uncle Jerome while their parents are away on a cruise ship. What will happen when the two siblings find a couple of frozen bodies from 1950. Help Ben and Rachel introduce their new friends to the 21st century.

This is an exciting adventure story because you go on a roller coaster of emotions. Every chapter ends on a cliffhanger which gives it a mysterious touch. In wouldn’t recommend reading this in the dark because it is quite creepy. So are you ready for a whole lot of fun?

This is a great book for Ali sparks lovers


By Lara Kelliher 5LB

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  1. hannah 6GJ says:

    It is a very good drama book

  2. Lara.k says:

    ALi Sparks is an epic author!

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