Young Adult (KS3)

Class A by Robert Muchamore (book 2)

When CHERUB kids go undercover, no one suspects they are trained professionals, working to infiltrate criminal organisations that have eluded M15 and the police for years. James Adams is on his biggest mission yet, working to nail Europe’s most powerful cocaine dealer. He’ll need all his specialist training if he’s going to bring down the man at the top.

I liked this book because it never stops bringing James into difficulties that seem to be impossible to get out of. He also has to change the plan a little due to some difficulties. Is this organisation a bluff or real?

This book urged me on to read the entire series because James always gets into trouble or a difficult situation and overtime he fixes it with his other spy friends. It also isn’t consistent spy work. As some things to go wrong but are quickly repaired with a small delay.

I liked this because it made James’s job more realistic. He walks in the park and talks to his friends, it makes it so more interesting and it makes the suspense rise instead of going down and getting boring. It’s a really exciting book that all people should like. It has its moments but its great.

People who like spy books will certainly love this book. This book is packed with action.


By Arthur

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