Hello my name is Arthur  and I’m the director of the Trevelyan reads website. I’m 12 years old and enjoy reading a lot of action and adventure books. I have done a lot of book reviews for the site and enjoy it very much. A few of my favourite hobbies are playing rugby, tennis and sometimes swimming. At the weekend I enjoy going to the cinema with my friends or watching films at home. I’m also trilingual in English, French and German. Currently I have read 5.4 million words and have the second highest score of the school. I loved reading these series:

  • Lockwood and co
  • Bodyguard
  • Harry Potter
  • The Recruit
  • Gone
  • Gullstruck island
  • Carve the mark
  • Divergent

Could you please add any books or website changes and designs you would like us to add in the comments below. Thank you